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Started Year: 1990            Completed Year: 1992            Client: Jayant Vitamins Ltd., Ratlam

Jayant Vitamins" is a Pharmaceutical industry at Ratlam in M.P. It is a "Karma Kshetra", the field of activity to quote a term from Gita. Respected Shri Preranaben Thakre desired to create a "Dharma Kshetra" in this "Karma Kshetra". She entrusted this project to me. In this complex of "Dharma Kshetra" various activities are carried out for welfare of people. However, I would like to dwell upon the project of temple at this stage.

Seven beautiful temples to the pleasing eyesight of viewers and superb from architectural point of view have been constructed here. Five temples with summits and two more small decorative temples installing idols of Hanumanji and Ganpati are very much here at this place. In these five temples having summits, five idols of Lord Shiva, Ambaji, Radhakrishna, Ramdarbar and Lakshminarayan are installed.

The whole temple is erected on platform. The platform is also constructed on elephant of the size of 3' 6" in measurement. In front of the platform, idols of DEVGANA 6'-0 in size, superbly carved, have been installed. The goddesses are depicted to be welcoming the visitors and worshipers in different styles and gestures.

This may be the only Hindu temple complex on such a wide scale at a single spot, among temple architectural creations of Indian Culture.

All these seven temples were constructed in Dhrangadhra stone in a short span of eighteen months.

Started Year: 1991           Completed Year: 1995
Client: A. P. Swaminarayan Mandir, London

This temple has been designed and constructed under the direction of Param Pujya Pramukh Swami maharaj. It was really difficult to construct a temple within the framework of rules and regulations of United Kingdom. So various meetings had to be held in the beginning with councilors of London with effect from the year 1986 and it took about five long years by the time the permission was granted in the year 1991. Subsequently the project work commenced and was completed by the year 1995.

Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Temple at London is a double storied structure. It has five main interiors and adding two interiors of Hanumanji and Ganpati, there are total number of seven interiors called 'Garbh - Gruhas'. There are five summits over 'Garbh - Gruhas' as also one centrally large dome and three small domes as a part of design of this temple. There are also pillars and mandaps fitted with decorative idols making the workmanship impressive.

On exterior of this temple, limestone from Bulgaria has been used while interiors are made of Indian and Italian marble. The sun temple at Gwalior manifests Indian Culture. Nowhere has the steel been used. As the largest temple of stone made outside India, it has been awarded with Guineas Book of world record.

It is worth noting that the world famous Diamond Co., "De Beers" and stone federation of U.K have given a special award as the "best architect" for architecture of this temple.