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Started Year: 1970            Completed Year: 1978            Client: Grasim Industies, Nagda, M.P.

Translating the noble wish and religious faith of Hon. Shri Birlaji, to erect a temple having Photostat similarity of Sahastrabahu (Sasbahu) temple already in existence on Gwalior Fort, a marvelous temple has been constructed in front of Gwalior Rayon Industries, Nagda(M.P.).

This temple has been constructed on a platform of the size of 250' long and 120' wide, at a height of 12'-0 feet. It also comprises of Mandap of the size of 40' X 40' square. Four more small temples are also constructed on all the four sides of main temple. On the above platform two separate temples of "Shivalaya" and goddess 'Durga' are constructed.

In the interior of the main temple the main idol of "Sheshshai Vishnu" has been installed. The other four Deities Ram Darbar, Radha Krishna, Hanumanji and Ganpati are also installed in the beautiful form of idols. There are also idols of deities Surya Narayan, Brahmaji, Gangaji and Yamunaji installed suitably.

The stone-laying ceremony for this temple was held on 23rd Feb 1970 and on completion of the project, 'Pran - Pratistha' was held on 23rd Feb 1978. The total quantity of 65000 cu.ft. of stone and marble has been used to execute this project of a grand complex of temple at a height of 81 feet.

Started Year: 1978           Completed Year: 1982
Client: A. P. Swaminarayan Trust, Mumbai

As far back as the year 1987 Param Pujya Pramukh Swami maharaj expressed desire to construct Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Temple at Dadar, Mumbai, befitting ancient art and culture of India. As a result, reverent Kothari Swamiji under the guidance of Pramukh Swami maharaj, entrusted this project to me.

This impressive temple has three storied structure. It comprises of Basement, the Central main floor and the first floor. Even a glance at this temple pleases the viewers and delights the heart of worshippers. This temple has a unique pattern even among all other Akshar Purushottam temples in India.

The salient feature of this temple lies in a rare concept of temple architecture in so far as one pillar is made free under another pillar by devising special bearing, resulting in its free round movement. It is a wonder worth seen in temple architecture.