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Started Year: 1947            Completed Year: 1952            Client: Somanath Trust, Patan

Consequent upon Independence of India in 1947, the historical assignment of planning and construction of Shri Somnath Maha Meru Prasad, the great religious edifice, was entrusted to my reverent grand father a well acclaimed Temple Architect Shri Prabhashankarbhai Oghadbhai Sompura, by Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

It was indeed a mammoth assignment and was, as such carried out with profound devotion, applying skill and expertise of temple architecture. The Maha Meru Prasad is Sandhar Prasad, meaning thereby, the palatial dwelling of Lord Shiva. Around its interior place, there is circular way for movement for devotees chanting and offering rituals. There are seven floor above it, called "MAHA MERU PRASAD" and a summit over it. There are two Mandaps viz: Gudh Mandap and Nritya Mandap. It is open from sides, with decorative entrance eastward, made of seriaj stone. The Nritya Mandap is extended further recently. Its inauguration took place only two years back.

The gorgeous Shivalaya had perished many a time in the past and reconstructed again. There is great religious significance of this Shivalaya having one of the twelve "Jyotirlinga". The present creation of Maha Meru Prasad is par excellent, it having been decoratively constructed on "Nagar Style" of architecture. Its work of beautification is still in progress. The present work in progress, includes beautification of "Pradakshina", "PAGATHI in red stone", fountain etc. this will further beautify Temple's landscaping.

Started Year: 1968           Completed Year: 1972            Client: Hindalco, Renukut, U.P.

The prominent plant of Hindalco, managed by Industrialist Shri Birlaji, is situated at Renukut. Normally a temple is constructed, as a tradition, for the benefit of workers and people living around, wherever there is a factory owned by Shri Birlaji group.

Similarly Shri Renukuteshwar temple's project was commenced in the premises of Hindalco in the year 1967 and was completed in the year 1972.

This beautiful temple is made of pink stone of Mirjapur located near Renukut. There is an exclusive PRATOLYA as also a separate special Mandap in the temple. Hon. Birlaji had desired to construct this grand temple on basis of Orissa style. Accordingly the architectural style of Orissa temple has been kept in view while constructing "Shri Renukuteshwar Mahadev Mandir" on a hill, beautifying its landscape. The exterior of this temple is covered by walls suiting Mandowar.