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Started Year: 2009   Completed year: 2011
Shree Koteshwar Mahadev Trust, Shree B. L. Sharmaji

It was a small temple with a great spiritual capicity on the bank of river sabarmati. Shree Sharmaji had visited the temple and inspired by god & wanted to built a beautiful temple. This is one of our good work in Bansipahanpur stone & beautifully carved.

Land around was created by filling it up to 60'0" and made a splendid landscapped view by the river. Project was started in year 2009 and completed within 2 years span.

Started Year: 0000           Completed Year: 0000
Client: Yatradham Vikas Board, Govt. Of Gujarat

This is one of prominent yatradham after Ambaji. This has a great importance in particularly Patel community. Again very famous mataji Sthanak. Same way it was a small temple in local stone and color work. After Ambaji Mataji Mandir's successfully renovation government wants to renovate it.

This temple also keeping in consideration of old temple. Carving and other important elements we designed it. This is bigger and batter material of Ambaji marble.

Project has a great impact on people who visited it regularly. Appreciation from all ________ where there. After renovation of temple government also want site development.